Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now & Then

Using public transport for almost everyday for the last couple months make me realize on how people get so attached to their gadgets. Everybody is either listening to their iPod or playing games on their iPad. Questions were popped up inside my head, 'where are books nowadays? so now people are not talking anymore?..hmm?'. I wanted to draw something about it. I always draw some random characters and there is usually only one character on my canvas and everytime I add more characters, I feel like they are not related to each others. The composition gets worst after I draw the environment, because .... they totally Disconnected (-___-').
This time, I told myself, how if I drew the environment first, and then put the characters. Most of the time I ignore the perspective angle, so this time, i told myself, 'let's doo perspective!!'
After awhile, I finished my sketch. I started to add some characters in my drawings. I think the trick works. I feel that it is easier for me to draw the characters and imagine what they are doing, and this time they Belong to the environment :). Uh well. God created Earth and then humans, so i guess this idea is applicable for drawing too. I'm so happy that I learn these new tricks~~

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