Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gundam Seed: Strike Gundam | Honda City

Gundam Seed: Strike Gundam

note: my first gundam ... *tears.. also my first experiment with lighting .. i used desk lamp and a piece of white paper .. :D

Honda City

note: trial for my new fish eye lens! love the car .. but not so good background ... anyway, i still love the lens ..

Street Cats

Despite the fact we live in the street, and no one cares about us, dude, seriously, we don't care because we still alive! We have everything you guys don't have; 2 pointy ears, some thin beautiful moustaches, nice and soft but sometimes dirty fur, a long tail, four perfect legs, nose that can smell everything in a mile distant, and 2 piercing eyes. You have no idea with what our eyes can do. We, cats are mysterious organism. You have no idea what runs inside our head and what our eyes reflect.


Have you ever thought about something that is 100% pure.
Are there in this world something that is 100% pure.
If so, can you tell ME what is that?
Somehow people will just fake everything up so others can see their 'Purity'.
What does pure mean if it is FAKE?
Why people dare to tell the others are fake?
Yet NOBODY is pure.
Human is a pathetic creature.
They are made rich in every single way.
But they waste their gift.