Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Zombies, a Cat and a Ghost

Zo, Greeno. Purp, Clyde and Gail, 5 young mystical creatures live in a very quiet graveyard. They hang out inside a crypt during daylight, and like any other mystical folks, they crawl out from their hive everyday after the sunset. Zo is the paranoid, anxious, and curious zombie. Greeno, is the one who keeps everything cool, act super cool, and very sensible. Meanwhile, Purp is the animatic one. He runs fast, he jumps, and speaks super fast. Clyde the black kitten always hang with Gail the ghost. Both of them are very mysterious. Gail sometimes act like a big folk and he is very calm. He is very close with Clyde. It seems there is a special bond between them.

Chapter 0: Discovery

Zo: "Psst!"
Greeno: "Whaddup Z?"
Purp: "Ooh! Ooh! Shiny greeny orb! Me excited!"
Zo: "SShhh! Be quiet guys! We don't know exactly what this orb is.."
Clyde: "meww.. it's not a big deal.. just leave it alone.."
Zo: "SSHHH! it iss a big deal!! we don't know what's gonna happen if we touched that orb!"
Gail: "Well nothing will happen to me, i'm untouchable hiahiahiahiaa..."
Zo: "SSHH!! SSHH!! SHH! I said SSHH all of you SHH!"
Greeno: (whispering) "Dude you're the only one who talks A lot.."
Zo: "ooww..for the love of god..Shutt upp Greeno! I don't need to hear you complaining!"
Greeno: "I ain't complaining man .. i'm just telling you the truth"
Purp: (mumbling) "can I touch? can I touch? soo shinyy makes mee want to have a lil touchyy"

Nobody is paying any attention to Purp. Zo is arguing with Greeno. Gail and Clyde are playing hide and seek and Purp, he is half meter close to the orb. His pupils become wider. He is trying to reach the orb with his body. The others are busy with their arguments and games. Purp, obsessed, and excited, is super close to the orb now.

Purp: *Touch ... "Yippiie! I touch it I touch it I touch it!"

(Everybody is staring at Purp..)

the mystery, begins....


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