Friday, February 27, 2009

I Beg You

"Once upon a time, a hungry duckling named Brian is walking in a very big park. However, this place is not a heaven for Brian and his fellows. There are no foods, no ponds, but there are lots of human whose activity disturb the ducklings life.

Brian is starving, his eyes constantly monitoring the ground, searching for bread crumbs, while his heart just able to hope.

A sound of footsteps suddenly heard. A fear instantly appears inside Brian's head. It becomes louder and louder as his fear also get bigger and bigger. Being so scared, Brian close his eyes, and get ready to jump and fly to the sky. At the moment he make his decision, the footsteps sound is gone. Curious with what has happened, Brian open his eyes and turn his body around.

A big human figure, stand before Brian. Both are staring at each other for a few seconds. Brian's eyes then scanning the figure from her head to her toes. Up and down, and he stop at the middle part of the body. He sees a transparent pinkish plastic with a bread inside. His stomach starts growling, and Brian suddenly feels this sensation everywhere in his body. This uncontrollable feeling that makes he moves towards to her. Brian lengthening his neck, and say, 'I Beg You'. 'Quack!' that is all she heard from Brian's beak. Then she tears the bread into some crumbs and feed Brian."

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